west enfield

Project Notes

Our client grew up in this West Austin home and was ready to make it her own. When we were initially called, the young family had been using an outdoor patio set in their dining room as they carefully planned for what they wanted their home to be — a personalized and functional space for their growing family.

In this house, it was clear the back door had always served as the main entry in this 1950s home. We designed a built-in to serve as a catch-all for backpacks, coats, and shoes in the small corner space right inside the door.

The project grew from built-ins and window treatments to a furniture plan and selections. Our studio discussed with the clients early on the idea of swapping the locations of the home office with the kids’ bedroom to gain privacy as well as play space. The clients were up for the big move, which guided our furniture plans and selections. Area rugs were added throughout the house to buffer the echos across the wood floors, creating a more comfortable place to work while in the home office — a top priority for the family’s daily lifestyle. The house not only became softer in acoustics, but each room was also transformed with a paint selection including a warm blush hallway.

We learned from the clients that their family’s heirloom art collection had been wrapped up and tucked away. Our furniture plans identified new locations for art placement including a custom pedestal in the living room. The treasured art pieces were then brought out to celebrate daily. In addition to highlighting the art, a living room lighting plan including picture lights for the new built-ins and wall sconces that enhanced both art display and comfort.

Taking a look at the overall plan with the clients resulted in this three-bedroom home improving function and daily flow while celebrating the unique style of the family.

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