What Is It Like to Work with
Amity Worrel & Co.?

Phase 1: Design Foundation

Our interior design process starts with establishing the foundation of the design planning. In our first phase of working together, we will learn about you, your current space, and your design needs. From there, our interior designers will offer practical solutions grounded in your lifestyle, suited to your investment, and tailored to your space parameters. All good design ideas are built on a solid foundation.

Products of the Design Foundation Phase
Conceptual Floor Plans | Inspiration Mood Boards | Assessment of Benefits


Phase 2: Design Development

After the foundation of the design plan has been established and the mood of the space decided, we move to the design development phase. In this second phase, the design becomes real. Our team of interior designers creates a complete concept, including final floor plans, material selections, and furnishings. Finishing details are included, creating a comprehensive expectation of what’s to come.

Products of the Design Development Phase 
Final Floor Plan | Key Elevations | Material Selections


Phase 3: Design Actualization

The design actualization phase is when it all comes together. Decisions from the foundation and development phases are used to create a comprehensive set of plans and schedules to coordinate with contractors, tradespeople, furniture designers, and artists. Leading the project, our interior designers will see the work through installation and final walk-through, ensuring all design elements come together for the cohesive and welcoming space of your dreams.

Products of the Design Actualization Phase 
Complete Plans | Project Assistance | The Final Product


Your design project is going to be fun, fabulous, and even better than expected.

The Design Team & Our Roles





Creating a Successful Partnership with Your Interior Designer

The interior design process is highly personal, collaborative, and engaging. Our designers honor the service we provide at our Austin interior design studio and strive to create successful partnerships with our clients for beautiful results. To deliver timeless interiors designed for better living, we follow the following three tenants.
“DIY is a lie. Trust the designers. Allow us to lead you to the successful completion of your project.”


Establishing a Trusting Relationship

The designer-client relationship is formed on a foundation of trust. Our highly skilled team has the knowledge, experience, and mastery to guide you through every step of the design process and create a room made to fit your unique needs and style.

Leading with Intention

As interior designers, our role is to advise, direct, and lead clients to the best solutions for their homes. Our goal is not to sell a product but to help you make the best decisions for your space, even if that means a reduction in scope for us.

Engaging in Problem Solving

While interior design does involve selecting beautiful colors, fabrics, and accessories, the root of the profession is problem-solving. Every design project will have limitations. Instead of forcing design elements to fit, our team keeps an open mind and looks for solutions to address needs with style and function.



A Trusting Designer-client Relationship is Key to Design for Better Living.