Beautiful and Practical Design Solutions for Every Room of Your Home


Custom Interior Design 

Our interior design team at Amity Worrel & Co. is well known in Austin for delivering custom interior design services specifically tailored for each client’s unique needs. We assist our clients in designing and sourcing one-of-a-kind pieces, including furniture, light fixtures, millwork, built-in seating, case goods, and commissioned art. Delivering design services on a custom level requires years of experience and established relationships with local tradespeople. 

Period Home Renovations

Our interior designers specialize in period home renovations that reimagine outdated spaces and turn them into retreats fit for modern living. Renovating period homes requires creative problem solving, the ability to adapt to the unexpected, and an understanding of design history. Our renovation projects deliver on client needs while respectfully nodding to the existing architecture of the home.    

Seamless Home Additions 

Like period renovation projects, home additions require the ability to adapt, innovate, and think creatively. This blend of skills empowers our interior designers to deliver a design that flows seamlessly with the rest of the house. Well-designed home additions allow many of our clients to remain in their favorite neighborhoods and hold on to cherished memories while adapting to new lifestyle needs.    

Interior Design for New Construction 

New construction does not have to mean a lack of character. Our interior design team collaborates with architects and contractors on new construction homes to deliver cozy interiors that transport residents to a delightful time and place filled with charming character. 

Interior Design Project Management and Budgeting

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Our team of interior designers and project managers will be able to help you manage and budget your interior design project to perfectly meet your needs. We take pride in our interior design services and guiding clients through every step of the design process. 

Space Planning, Floor Plans, and Elevations  

Function and flow are central to every thoughtful interior design plan. Our team of interior designers will be able to analyze your current space and find ways to make it function that you may have thought impossible. Floor plans and technical elevations are key design services that bring the vision to life. 

Lighting Plans and Fixture Selections 

A well-developed lighting plan will increase the function of a room and set the mood. For this interior design service, our design team will present a lighting layout plan including task, ambient, and accent lighting and will also assist in light fixture selections.  

Millwork, Cabinetry, and Custom Built-ins Specifications 

Custom millwork, cabinetry, and built-ins have the power to turn a square box into a warm and functional room. Our interior design services include millwork and cabinetry specifications where our interior designers will convey molding, cabinet, and built-in designs to skilled carpenters and craftspeople.    

Color and Material Selections 

Our team of interior designers works with clients to learn their tastes, preferences, and styles. Instead of ascribing to fleeting trends, our design team presents timeless choices that have endured through the decades and reflect your unique vision. We will guide you to perfect colors that capture the mood and the architectural finishes, such as countertops, tiles, wallcoverings, and flooring, that make a house a home.  

Custom Furniture and Textile Specifications 

Our interior design services are centered around a custom experience for each client. Our team of designers will work within your space’s parameters and align with your tastes to specify custom furniture design and textile selections. We will coordinate with furniture makers to deliver a custom product that functions and looks beautiful. 

Product and Accessory Procurement 

Whether you are looking for newly upholstered custom furniture, vintage antiques, or museum-quality original artwork, our team of interior designers will work to procure the perfect collection of furnishings and accessories to make your space a home.