cat mountain

Project Notes

This project sprang from the client’s dream to incorporate the charm and character of the east coast houses of her youth into a cliffside home in the heart of Central Texas. This ground-up new build brought together a great team of architects and designers in the early stages of the project to create a home that meets the ever-changing needs of a family of five and one very energetic labradoodle.

From the Indigo Lotus wallpaper in the office to the hand-painted terracotta tile backsplash in the kitchen, each material was selected with the goal of being unpretentious in its elegance. The combination of timeless finishes, traditional fixture profiles, and custom cabinetry detailing with serene color palettes, natural materials, and contemporary mixed metals establishes the client’s desired aesthetic- one that’s both classic and casual.

To add a truly personal and unique touch, we took the client to a local reclaimed lumber yard. After searching through the woodpiles, we found the perfect pieces that were then milled to create shelving for the living room and bar as well as the table-like base for the kitchen island. Reclaimed wood accents are repeated in select finishes and fixtures, paired with antiqued mirror tiles, nickel, and brass hardware, polished marbles, and glazed ceramics. Together, they create a balanced blend of old and new, rugged and refined.

When it came to furnishings and styling, our goal was to create beautiful and calm spaces that are also livable and functional for everyday use. We incorporated new, existing, and vintage furniture pieces to create comfortable and flexible lounging areas for the family to gather. New upholstered pieces sport subtly patterned indoor/outdoor fabrics, adding refined texture that will stand the test of time (and kids). The result is a classic and enduring design that provides the perfect setting for the family within to flourish.



Jed Duhon, Studio Steinbomer

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