mayfield park

Project Notes

This modern style home was purchased by the client to truly make it her own. The project started as a fairly small decorative project including paint and furniture. From the very beginning, the existing art collection was the main priority. The furniture layout and lighting plan promoted the extensive collection of treasured art.

As the project progressed, the decorative project evolved into a larger remodel that included a library, kitchen, and primary bathroom. The client wanted a space to sit down and spread out her work. We designed a library built-in for antique clocks and art books, plus an extra large custom desk that is highly functional with outlets and plenty of working space. This room is now a favorite spot in the house.

We continued together with refinishing the kitchen. A tile backsplash was replaced to better relate to the architecture of the home while the cabinets were painted a vintage wine color in response to the client’s art appreciation and wise taste. A pop of pink lines the interior section of glass cabinets to house the homeowner’s depression glass reserve.

The new backsplash inspired refacing the existing fireplace across the room in the living and dining area. The new fireplace tile was selected to look original to the home.

While the house was in the state of remodeling, it was determined that this was the best time to address the needs of the primary bathroom. We designed a new vanity and shower. Finishes were again selected to fit the modern architecture of the home including walnut stained cabinets and terrazzo looking floors. A wet room outside the shower was established with floor to ceiling wall tile and a modern style bench made to size at a comfortable seating height. Wallpaper completed the room and quieted the tile and glass room for comfort.

To complete the design, custom furniture, pillows, area rugs, and window treatments were installed. These soft elements demonstrate the support of the precious art throughout the home – the consistent priority of the entire project.

Photography: Andrea Calo

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