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Patio Project Notes

In Phase 2 of this project our clients asked us to extend the colorful, graphic interiors which we had created in the original project to their new outdoor pool and patio space. We collaborated with the landscape architect to design a space that reflects their bold, fun personalities and love of entertaining. The custom wall mural was inspired by Alex Proba, with the oversized sconces enhancing the design. The colorful patchwork tile floor was laid out on-site based on our client’s inspiration. Dining for 10, a separate cocktail area and pool loungers complete the space.

Project Notes

This project began as a simple decor update to the living room and master bedroom. However, the collaboration inspired a ripple effect that resulted in a redesign of the entire home. The main goal was to create a friendly and welcoming space for the family, while still reflecting their unique personal style. AW&Co aspired to unite traditional family heirlooms and modern, colorful accents. The kitchen’s pure snow-white countertops were a must for the client; they bring a fresh crispness to the space when paired with the bold backsplash.

From the Client

…I knew I wanted bold colors and patterns, and I love how Amity balanced my style with warm, durable, and timeless touches. …Amity has excellent resources including the general contractor to the mobile cabinet hardware supplier to the kitchen appliance showroom, which again, just made the process smoother….

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