At Amity Worrel & Co., our top interior designers have created our podcast, Design Oracles, that anyone interested in residential architecture and interior design will love! Dianne Kett, Architect, and Amity Worrel, Interior Designer, are two luxury design professionals who explore and share on various industry topics. 

We discuss everything you’ve wanted to know about the interior design world, ranging from working with design professionals to how to avoid or embrace design trends to the discussion of interior design periods in history. The hosts of Design Oracles will educate, pontificate, and evangelize about the subject of residential and interior design. 

We invite students of interior design, homeowners seeking knowledge, and anyone else interested in the advice of a top luxury interior designer to join Design Oracles in a discussion of all things related to homes, home design, decorating, and architecture. Listen to our podcast, available on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, today!