holiday haus

We were approached by loyal clients with a desire to give new life to a former rental property. The 1930s-era bungalow was longing to become a welcoming space for their visiting family and friends, as well as a home away from home with a truly unique charm.

The main house has two bedrooms, a shared bath, living and kitchen/dining spaces that needed design unification. An overall Swiss Chalet Inspired design was chosen because it felt right with the existing architecture. And the homeowner loved the idea of a space that would truly feel like it transported you to another place and time. Our team furnished and decorated the space as if it were a personalized boutique hotel.

Our goal was to establish rooms that serve both a family with small children as well as friends sharing the rooms for a long weekend. We started with the color palette based on a storybook pictures of Heidi’s childhood home in the Alps, then moved broadly to a custom design of faux bois wall texture throughout. It provides warmth, consistency, and connection between all the spaces.

Hand-painted sentimental ladybug walls in the bathroom are a playful surprise in this cozy guest house. The limited natural light is captured through the tailored floor to ceiling peek-a-boo shower curtain! The combination sheer and performance fabric curtain is an essential for this petite bathroom.

Guests can enjoy games in the living room and coffee on the screened porch. The freestanding outbuilding, originally used as a home office, was converted into a media room/lounge. A comfortable place for reading or hosting movie nights!

Photography: Andrea Calo

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