5 Low-cost High-impact Ways to Refresh Your Home Interior

Change the look and function of your home without a single contractor entering your home


If large-scale interior design changes are not in the budget, or the marriage can’t take another round of Austin construction drama, fear not. A solid, simple re-evaluation of your existing furniture arrangement and a few new strategic pieces can change the way you live almost as completely as a new kitchen.

The most important thing to reevaluate is the furniture layout of your home. Is the layout functional?  Does it provide you with plenty of seating for yourself, your family and a few friends or do your visitors end up standing uncomfortably in the entry hall or crowding your kitchen island?

Here are 5 interior design ideas that can change the look and function of your home without a single contractor entering your home:

  1. Get the layout right!  If your only seating area faces your TV with its back to the lovely view of the yard of kitchen consider moving it to an adjacent wall. Sometimes the necessitates the need for a new chair to go in its place for comfortable TV viewing which we know is important BUT do you really want to sacrifice style AND comfort for all the times your not hunkered down for the big game?  This is where an interior designer comes in handy…..don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  1. Get a few strategic pieces that really speak to you. It does not have to break the bank to invest in a new sofa, pair of chairs or a proper sized area rug for your home.  A few pieces that really reflect your particular style can make that hand-me-down console table seem carefully “collected” when it is balanced with some pieces that help it shine and fit your style.
  1. Revamp the pieces that most offend. If you have a dining table with a bad 1970’s faux french polish on it that is just begging for a good sanding and restaining GO FOR IT. Or maybe you have a chair in a great shape but your kitty cat decided to sharpen her claws there. Don’t just hang a tired old blanket on it imagining one day it will be great. Take it to your local reupholstery work room and get it recovered in a fabric that fits the budget. What are you waiting for?
  1. Take down all your art pieces and reframe or rehang. Many of us have art from different periods of our lives in various frames (or none at all). Getting all your pieces off the wall and rearranging them to fit your new furniture layout can make a huge difference. Sometimes the answer is to frame them in a consistent manner (all in fire engine red high gloss frames) and then hang them in a group.
  1. Focus on a collection. The final step that many people never manage to get to is accessorizing. It can be daunting to make all those collected items feel cohesive. We like to cull the collection first and then group like things together.  Displaying them all in a group makes a statement and piques people’s curiosities.  If you don’t have any collections, start one!  It’s fun and provides you with interesting moments in your interior that reflect your tastes.

All of these changes are things you can do on your own or with the help of your Austin interior designer. Don’t think your project is too small to warrant professional attention. Sometimes in a few hours of professional advice, you can accomplish your dream design all while keeping on budget and without the dust from sheetrock and framing.


Amity Worrel

Amity Worrel is an award-winning interior designer based in Austin, Texas. She has worked on high-end interior design projects for celebrities and tastemakers in NYC, LA, and the Bahamas. In 2008, Amity decided to bring her passion for diverse design back to her hometown of Austin. Her spaces pull from timeless design concepts ranging from coastal contemporary to cozy cottage to Austin eclectic. Emotional connections, functional flow, and a touch of humor remain central to every interior design scheme. Her work has been published in national and local publications, including The Wall Street Journal, House Beautiful, HGTV Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, and Austin Home. In her free time, she loves perusing estate sales and diving into design history. Learn more about Amity.



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